Floras Hand-Book
A Memorial of the Pilgrims The Presentation to the City of Boston in Massachusetts of an Ancient Railing from the City of Boston in Lincolnshire
Mr Websters Address at the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Addition to the Capitol July 4th 1851
The Advantage of Educated Labor in Missouri
The Poor Boy Who Became a Great Warrior a Play for Boys
Report Accompanying Plan for Laying Out the South Park
Po Crosbys Labor Odes
The Greater Love Ode to Immortality the Dreamer Three Poems
The Story of Garfield
Pumpkin Pie Peter
Experimental Consideration of Copper-Hewitts Mercury Vapor Lamp
From the Death of St Athanasius to the Death of St Basil and the Council of Constantinople AD 373-381 a Chapter of Ecclesiastical History
Illustrated Dime Hand-Book of the National Capital
National and State Politics Speech
Patriotism at Boggsville
Natural Woods--And How to Finish Them
On the Sightseeing Car
Coinage of Silver Dollars Speech of Hon Timothy O Howe of Wisconsin in the Senate February 5 1878
A Manual for High Schools with Special Reference to Science and Agriculture
Our Duty to the African Race an Address Delivered at Washington DC January 21 1851
Agricultural Appropriation Bill 1923 Hearings Before 67-2 on HR 10730
Strawberries for the Home Garden
Songs and Sonnets of the New Crusade
English in the Public Schools
The Cure of Diphtheria by Biochemic Treatment A Word to Educated Laymen
Publications in Classical Philology Volume 3
How I Spent My Summer Holidays in 1876
Prayer by the REV Dr Lathrop and Eulogy by Professor [S] Webber at the Funeral of the REV Joseph Willard With a Sermon the Next Lords Day by Mr Holmes
Dress and Worldly Compliance Addressed to the Members of the Society of Friends
Washington Adapted for a Crisis
Proposed Settlement of Pacific Railroad Debts Extracts from the Annual Report of H A Taylor Commissioner of Railroads for the Year 1892
Speech of Major Genl John A Rawlins Chief of Staff U S A General Grants Views in Harmony with Congress
1814 July 25 1899 Oct 13 Lundys Lane a Brief Account of a Third Military Re-Internment at Lundys Lane Oct 13th 1899 with Notes C
Testimonials of Appreciation to Herman Ridder Acting President and Henry W Sackett Secretary of the Hudson-Fulton Celebration Commission March 1910
Domestic Facts and Forces VI-Marriage A Sunday Lecture Before Congregation Rodeph Shalom Eight Street Near Penn Avenue Pittsburg Pa
Studies on Ammonification in Soils by Pure Cultures
The Washington Monument Shall It Be Built? An Address to the Citizens of New York
A Filial Tribute to the Memory of William Allen Hayes of South Berwick Maine Being Remarks Made at a Family Commemoration of His Centennial Birthday October 20 1883
Seventeen Southchurch Hymns
Grandmother Rocker a Costume Play in One Act
Speech of Hon H V Johnson
Oration on Surgery Four Decades of American Surgery
Extracts from the Recent Treaties Between Great-Britain and Russia Denmark and Sweden of Such Articles as Relate to the Duty and Conduct of the Commanders of His Majestys Ships of War
Miss Eagle the Suffragette
Lecture on John Scott and John Marshall
An Oration Delivered in Tammany Hall In Commemoration of the Birthday of Thomas Paine and an Account of the Celebration of the 95th Anniversary of That Day (29th January 1832) by the Friends and Admirers of His Writings
Songs of the Out of Door West
Speech Delivered by Daniel Webster at Niblos Saloon in New York on the 15th March 1837
University of Cincinnati Studies Volume 7 Issue 2
Westons 56 Ready Ways to Make Money
On Methods of Obtaining Cooling Curves
General US Grant Memorial Services Held in Pawtucket RI on the Day of Gen Grants Funeral Aug 8 1885 Volume 2
Oration Delivered on the Fourth of July 1855 at the Capitol in the Hall of the House of Representatives in the City of Washington
Pisciculture an Address on the Artificial Breeding of Fish Their Habits Etc Delivered Before the Detroit Scientific Association
Annual Report of the Town of Bath New Hampshire Volume 1907
Extracts from General Orders and Bulletins War Department May 1918 With List of Paragraphs of Army Regulations and Other Regulations and Manuals of the War Department That Have Been Changed Since January 1 1918
Make Your Wills! a Farce in One Act
Description de Nouvelles Fourmis de LArgentine Et Pays Limitrophes
Annual Report of the Town of Bath New Hampshire Volume 1899
Pennsylvania--New England Their Relation to the Most Effective Principle of Federation Embodied in the American Constitution An Address
AD 1862 Or How They Act in Baltimore
Administrations of Governors of Missouri
Bulletin Volume 4 No 2
Fish Industry in the US Hearings Before a Joint Subcommitee of Commerce and Fisheries US Senate Oct 1 1918
Camp Randall Memorial Arch Dedicated June 18-19 1912
Annual Report of the State Orphans Home of the State of Montana Volume 1906
Address of the Managers of the American Colonization Society to the People of the United States Adopted at Their Meeting June 19 1832
Washington City--The National Capital Memorial to Congress by the Joint Executive Committees of the Citizens Associations of the District of Columbia Against the Repeal of the Fifty Per Cent Annual Congressional Appropriation Law January 1894
A List of Books Exhibited December 30 1907-January 4 1908 Including Incunabula and Other Early Printed Books in the Senn Collection
Annals of the Missouri Historical and Philosophical Society No 1 [1845-48]
Annual Report for the Town of Bedford New Hampshire Volume 1877
Personally Conducted Tours 1899-1900
Letter of Hon Joshua Hill of Georgia on the Election of U S Senators
Good Meals for Little Money
Publications of the Dramatic Museum of Columbia University in the City of New York
The Lucky Little Enterprise and Her Successors in the United States Navy 1776-1900
The Pious Mother Or Evidences for Heaven
A Balloon Ascension at Midnight
Thomas Law A Biographical Sketch
The Harriman System
The Royal Baker and Pastry Cook
The Cost of Voluntary Schools and of Board Schools Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
A Lead Standard Cell and a Determination of the Potential of the Lead Electrode
Consecrated Womanhood A Sermon Preached in the First Congregational Church Portland Oregon
A Plea for the Historical Teaching of History An Inaugural Lecture Delivered on November 9 1904
An Epistle to a Canary
A Salutation in the Love of Christ from the Yearly Meeting of Friends in London to All Who Bear Name of Friends
The Sies Dahlia Manual
A New Species of the Genus Cambarus from the Isle of Pines
A Letter from the Bishop of Colombo to the Members of the Ceylon Missionary Association Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
A Letter to the Dean and Chapter of Westminster on the Intended Alterations in the Interior of Westminster Abbey by a Clergyman of the Church of England
The Gilpin Hill Improved Rossing Machine
Speech of the Hon S W Inge of Alabama on the Relation of Parties to the Mexican War
Gospel Poems Also an Interesting Dialogue Between Two Miners [C]
The Home Ideal
The Geography of Illinois
Master Patelin Solicitor A Comedy in Three Acts
Brown Alumni Monthly Volume Vol 5 No 4
The Tables Turned Or Nupkins Awakened A Socialist Interlude as for the First Time Played at the Hall of the Socialist League on Saturday October 15 1887
A Song of Long Ago
Educational Aspects of Manual Training
Evangeline a Legitimate Spectacular Drama in Five Acts Arranged and Adapted for the Stage
An Outline for Agricultural Work in the Grammar-School Grades Based Upon an Introduction to Agriculture
The Cambridge Dionysia A Classic Dream
A Lecture on the Improvement of the Danube at Vienna Delivered Before the Society of Austrian Engineers and Architects on March 18 1876
The Presidential Battle of 1872
A Dream Deserted and the Frolicsome Snow
Les Anciens Imprimeurs Certificat de LExamen Universitaire DUn Imprimeur Rouennais
Report Volume 12
Biographical Notice of Joseph Le Conte
The Two Queens A Petite Comedy in One Act
Mollentrave on Women A Comedy in Three Acts
Our Flag and Its Message
American Prisons in the Tenth United States Census
Annual Reports of the President and Treasurer with Accompanying Documents Volume 8 Issue 7
The Barker
Organization of a New Indian Territory
An Address Delivered by Gov Joseph A Wright on the 6th Day of October 1853
Biennial Report of the Trustees of Indiana University
Wondrous Words of Love A Christmas Cantata for Solo Voices Chorus Organ
The By-Laws and Certificate of Incorporation of the Long Island Historical Society
Verses Commemorative of the Origin and Erection of the Wesleyan Centenary Chapel Boston
The Record of George Wm Gordon the Slave Trade at Rio de Janeiro Seizure of Slave Vessels Conviction of Slave Dealers Personal Liberation of Slaves C Practice Against Theory Lovers of Freedom Read! Read!! Read!!! and Vote for the Best Man
Report of Superintendent
A Method of Determining Grease and Dirt in Wool
A Reply to the Committee of the Promoters of the Manchester and Salford Education Scheme With Appendix
A Pair of Knickerbockers
The Origin of Life
Formiciden Aus Dem Naturhistorischen Museum in Hamburg
American Agriculture An Address Delivered Before the Bristol County Agricultural Society on Occasion of Their Annual Cattle Show and Fair at Taunton Oct 15 1852
A Shade Tree Guide
The American Primer A Political Text-Book and Voters Guide Comprising Twelve Lessons in Practical Americanism and a First Reader for First Voters Giving Valuable Historic Facts and Modern Instances to Be Used in Connection with the Primer Volume 1
Facts Designed to Exhibit the Real Character and Tendency Of the American Colonization Society
A Few Words on the Hampden Controversy
Coloring Matters for Foodstuffs and Methods for Their Detection
The Republican Party (Brooklyn Ethical Association Man and the State P 463-479)
The Voice of the People and the Facts
Report of the Committee Appointed to Inquire Into the Present Condition and Distribution of the Flags Standards and Colors Which Have Been Taken by the Forces of the United States from Their Enemies and Whether It Would Be Expedient to Make Any Provisi
The Birth of Freedom
A Rhyme of Nantucket
The Newdigate Fine
Catalogue of Books Belonging to the First Congregational Sabbath School Library Dover NH
Aunt Hesters Dilemma
A Souvenir from Jennie C Blake
The Masque of the Gods
Eulogium on the Life and Character
Reerection of Statue of Lincoln Report Volume 1
Anti-Slavery in Virginia Extracts from Thos Jefferson Gen Washington and Others Relative to the
The Old Ways
Russias Power of Attacking India
An ACT to Incorporate Montreal University Assented To 14th of February 1920
A Record of Sunderland in the Civil War of 1861-1865
Notes of a Journey from Kasveen to Hamadan Across the Karagan Country
Teaching as a Career for University Men
Wesen Wissenschaftlicher Literaturbetrachtung Das
The Spirits of the Trees
A Comparative Study of City School and Rural School Attendance
The Etching of Landscapes
Farragut Testimonial
A Sermon [On Nehem IV 14] Preached in the Parish Church of Manceter
A Guide for the Dissection of the Dogfish Squalus Acanthias
The Landmark of Freedom Speech of Hon Charles Sumner Against the Repeal of the Missouri Prohibition of Slavery North of 36 30 in the Senate February 21 1854
The Oracle
Tractatus de Libertatibus Ecclesiae Gallicanae
Dikanikos Logos in Euripides a Dissertation
[Collection of Bandi from Siena Chiefly Concerning Banditti
Life of Dr Adam Smith
Sculpture a Poem
Therapeutisches Jahrbuch
A Biographical Notice of Richard Dawes
Vermont Medical Monthly Volume 17 Issue 3
The Olive Branch Or the Evil and the Remedy
Jahr Achtzehnhundertdreizehn Das
By-Laws of the Roman Catholic Separate School Board of Toronto as Amended at the General Meeting Held November 2nd 1886
A Report of Major Harts Case of Rice-Frauds Near Seringapatam with Notes And an Appendix Addressed to the Proprietors of East-India Stock
Sokrates Und Das Alte Christentum Vortag Gehalten in Der Aula Der Universitat Rostock Am 13 Januar
Report of the Curator of the University Museum to the Board of Regents
The Nicaragua Canal in Its Geographical and Geological Relations A Question as to the Permanency of the Proposed Cancal
Thomas Middleton Part 1
Vedova Delirante La
Journal of Medorem Crawford an Account of His Trip Across the Plains
US Geological Survey Professional Paper Issue 189 Part 3
An Analysis of the High Cost of Living Problem
The Red Clay Soil of Porto Rico
The Campaign of Aelius Gallus in Arabia
The Grey Valley
The Beauty of a Life of Service
An Address at Forefathers Convocation Sunday December 13 1896
An Address Delivered Before the Franklin County Agricultural Society Greenfield Oct 4 1855
Going and Coming as a Doughboy
The Opportunity of the Teacher
The Address of the Society of Constitutional Republicans
The Principles Involved in the Rebellion
A Sermon [On Mal II 6] Preached at Altringham on Occasion of the Death of the Reverend Robert Harrop
The Personal Rights of the Citizen the Corner Stone of the Republic an Oration Delivered at Belmont NY July 4th 1871
An Original Essay on Memory
The Great Conspiracy
The Great Encyclic Epistle Divided Into Two Parts
The Church and the Million
The Brightville Indoor Chautauqua
The Horn Fly of Cattle
The Problem of Manflight
An Outline History of Michigan
The Function of State Historian of New York
A Sermon Preached in the First Congregational Church Milton June 4 1854
A Fossil Egg from South Dakota Volume Fieldiana Geology Vol1 No5
The Sky and Other Poems
The Prince Society
A Letter to A B C D E F Etc Concerning Their Argument about a Standing Army
The Welsh Traveller or the Vnfortunate Welshman Ed by JO Halliwell
A Discourse Pronounced on Sabrath [!] Evening
A Discourse on the Formation and Development of the American Mind Delivered Before the Literary Societies of Lafayette College at Easton Pa on the 20th September 1837 and Now Published at Their Request
The Northwest Territory Settlement of the Western Reserve
A Tribute to the Memory of John A Logan from the Home of Lincoln
An Address to the Citizens of Connecticut
The Brakeman Goes to Church
The Gates of Arden
The Island Choir Or the Children of the Child Jesus [By JE Millard]
A Sermon [On 1 Cor XII1] Preached in Ripon Minster at the Ordination Held by the Lord Bishop of Ripon July 29th 1838
The Harvard Commission on Western History
A Short Biography of the Menhaden
The Lie That Jack Built
A Discourse on the Imperative Duties of the Hour Delivered in the E Street Baptist Church Washington DC Sabbath Evening July 6 1863
An Account of Lay-Patronages in Scotland and of the Fatal Differences They Have Occasiond Betwixt the Church and Lay-Patrons [By Sir D Dalrymple]
A Lecture on Physical Development and Its Relations to Mental and Spiritual Development
The House Across the Way
The Progress of the Negro Race
The Tree That Yields for 100 Years
The Confederacy and the Transvaal A Peoples Obligation to Robert E Lee
The Study of Arts in a Modern University
The Service Theory of Value
Uncle Sis Predicament
Victory Verse
Bulletin on the Observance of Washingtons Birthday
Uneasy Lies
Forest Working Plan for Land Belonging to the City of Fall River on the North Watuppa Watershed
Bits O Verse
Soliloquies of the Bondholder the Poor Farmer the Soldiers Widow the Political Preacher the Poor Mechanic the Freed Negro the Radical Congressman the Returned Soldier the Southerner and Other Political Articles
War Secession Taught at West Point? Read at the Meeting May 5 1909 Volume 2
Class Poem
Emancipation of Slaves in Rebel States
As Advertised
Special ReportRegarding Published Charges Concerning the Society
Proceedings of Enlistment Muster of the Grand Army of the Republic 1866
Amendments to the Constitution of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
William W Foulkrod (Late a Representative from Pennylvania) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the House of Representatives and the Senate of the United States Sixty-First Congress Third Session Volume 1
Speech of Hon J Collamer of Vermont on Slavery in the Territories
[Colonel Henry C Loomis
Sulgrave the Ancestral Home of the Washingtons
Report and List of Member
Border Land an Original Drama in Three Acts
Advice to New-Married Husbands In Hudibrastick Verse by the Author of the York-Shire Horse-Racers
Deitrick The Dutch Recruit
Wine as It Is Drank in England And as It Should Be Pure Wholesome and Refreshing
Isaac Abroad Or Ivanhoe Settled and Rebecca Righted a Dramatic Version of a Final and Unpubl Vol of Scotts Novel by the Author of Isaac of York
The Mineral Resources of the State of Rio Grande Do Sul Brazil A Paper Read Before the Institution of Mining Engineers
On Force of Falling Bodies and Dynamics of Matter
Rapport Sur La Situation Et Les Travaux 1903
A Light from Another World A Play in One Act
Some Account of St Marys Home for Penitents at Wantage by the Chaplain (T Vincent)
Locomotive Lubrication
Proceedings of a Meeting of the Bar of the Commonwealth
First Outlines of Logic Applied to Grammar and Etymology
Hypnotism as a Therapeutic Agent A Paper Read by Request at the Twenty-Third Session of the Virginia State Medical Society September 13th 14th and 15th 1892
The Skull A Poem Inscribed to the Prettiest Woman in England
No Rights No Duties Or Slaveholders as Such Have No Rights Slaves as Such Owe No Duties
Inaugural Address to the Physiology Class in Andersons College Session 1891-92
Descriptive Account of Captain Bedford Pims Project for an International Atlantic and Pacific Junction Railway Across Nicaragua Report and Estimate of Cost
Two Letters on the Subject of the Catholics to My Brother Abraham Who Lives in the Country
Eulogies John B Rice of Illinois Alvah Crocker of Massachusetts Smauel F Hersey of Maine Samuel Hooper of Massachusetts [Delivered in the Senate and House of Representatives February 20 1875
William Penn and Thomas B Macaulay Being Brief Observations on the Charges Made by Mr Macaulays History of England
Two Sermons One Preached at the Consecration of Lenton Church the Other at the Annual Meeting of the Governors of the Nottingham Infirmary
Address Delivered at the Meeting of the Cambrian Archaelogical Association Church Stretton Aug 1st 1881
Genre Camponotus Mayr Nouvel Essai de Sa Subdivision En Sous-Genres Le
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 29 Issue 4
Proceedings and Addresses Attending the Presentation of a Silver Centre-Piece--Representing an Ancient Aztec Teocalli--To the Aztec Club at Its Annual Meeting in New York City October 13th 1892
Merton Walks or the Oxford Beauties A Poem
A Business Barometer for Retailers
The Effect of Heat on the Color Changes in the Skin of Anolis Carolinensis Cuv
A Childless Home
The War and the Woman Point of View
An Experiment in Industrial Research
A Short Account of the Hartford Convention Taken from Official Documents and Addressed to the Fair Minded and the Well Disposed To Which Is Added an Attested Copy of the Secret Journal of That Body
The Bee Manager
The Greatest Work of Sir Francis Bacon Baron of Verulam Viscount St Alban
Notes on Training for Rifle Fire in Trench Warfare
Some Points in the Later History of the Greek Language
A Little Book of Verse
Condensed History of the War
Improved Fire-Places A Short Account of Certain Suggestions for Economising Fuel and More Effectually Warming Apartments Submitted by Messrs Edwards and Son in Reply to the Appeal of the Council of the Society of Arts
The Old College and the New an Address Delivered at the Commencement of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute Blacksburg Virginia June 24 1896
The Catechism of Balaam
Rights and Duties of the United States Relative to Slavery
Harrisons Flavoring Extracts 18 Varieties
The Youth in the Rebellion Address Given Before Geo H Ward Post 10 G A R in Mechanics Hall Worcester Mass June 3 1883
Some Remarks Upon Digitalis Treatment in Chronic Disorders of the Circulation and Especially Upon the Continuous Use of Digitalis
The Secret of the Nile Demonstrated [By J Thomson]
The Voice of the Christ-Child A Christmas Carol
Works of Jean-Emile Van Cauwelaert Catalogue February 4 to March 2 1902
Sorrowing Not Without Hope a Sermon Occasioned by the Death of S Guinness to Which Is Appended a Memoir
My Mothers Gold Ring Founded on Fact
Kansas Affairs The Report of the Investigating Committee
Love of Country A Discourse Delivered on Thanksgiving Day December 12th 1650 in the Bleecker Street Church
Descriptions of Occupations Street Railways
A Handy Book for Planters and Lovers of Nature With Valuable Hints in Genreal
Address Delivered Before the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture at Its Annual Meeting on the Twenty-Third of January 1823
Chloralamid Schering
Detroit Emergency Hospital Reports (Clinical Department of the Michigan College of Medicine and Surgery) A Quarterly Journal of Medicine and Surgery
Remarks on the Perseverance of the Saints Being the Substance of Two Discourses Preached in the Second Presbyterian Church Wilmington April 13 1823
Declaration of the Friends of the Liberty of the Press Assembled at the Crown and Anchor Tavern Saturday January 19 1793
Electricity and Life Or the Electro-Vital Theory of Nature
American Policy in Nicaragua Memorandum on the Convention Between the United States and Nicaragua Relative to an Interoceanic Canal and a Naval Station in the Gulf of Fonseca Signed at Managua Nicaragua on February 8 1913
The State and Higher Education An Address Before the Minnesota Academy of Natural Sciences
Well Paved Streets Their Importance Economy Materials and Administration An Address at the Joint Conference on Municipal Government and Improvement May 10th 1894
Regulations for Lighting Bridges Over Navigable Rivers
Constitution of the Bakery and Confectionery Workers International Union of America
Paris Et Le Nouveau Louvre
Report of the Judge Advocate General U S Army to the Secretary of War
Message from the President of the United States Transmitting Copies of a Letter from the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to the Secretary of State with the Answer of the Latter--
[Report of the Joint Special Committee on So Much of the Governors Address as Relates to Slavery and on Petitions Praying the Legislature to Instruct Their Senators and to Request Representatives in Congress to Endeavor to Procure a Repeal of the Fugitiv
A Discourse Delivered Before the Trustees Faculty and Students of Rutgers College At New-Brunswick New Jersey on Tuesday the 14th of July 1829 the Day Preceding the Annual Commencement
Second Supplement to the History of the Dudley Family
Speech of Hon Sam Houston of Texas on the Subject of Compromise in the Senate of the United States February 8 1850
Annual Report of the Receipts and Expenditures of the Town of Rochester Volume 1879
The Elephants Ball and Grand Fete Champetre Intended as a Companion to Those Much Admired Pieces the Butterflys Ball and the Peacock at Home Illustrated with Elegant Engravings
A Tract for the Times Prohibition Ground to Powder!!!
Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication Issue 144
Parties in the Church and Their Controversies A Series of Conferences Thereon Between Messrs Smith and Brown by a Privileged Reporter Ritualists and Ritualism
Theodore Roosevelt A Tribute
A Short Address to Persons of All Denominations Occasioned by the Alarm of an Intended Invasion
Chastened But Not Killed A Discourse Delivered on the Day of the National Fast August 4th 1864 in the Fourth Presbyterian Church Albany Volume 1
Address by Hon Henry Cabot Lodge
Julien T Davies Memorial of a Leader of the Bar
The Secret of the Circle and the Circle Squared
Message from the President of the United States Transmitting Documents Relative to the Commencement and Progress of Any Acts or System of Retaliation Upon Prisoners of War by the Governments of Great Britain and the United States --
Certain Partial Differential Equations Connected with the Theory of Surfaces
Shade Tree Pests in New York State
Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain and the Museum of Economic Geology in London Volume 3
Persia A Poem [By Sir J Malcolm]
Hearings Before the Committee on the Public Lands March 3 1908 on HR 18198 to Provide for
The Ministerial Explanation House of Commons 20th March 1873 Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Bulletin Volume No 179
Narrative Report of the Town Officers of Amherst New Hampshire Volume 1890
Problems in the Development of Washington
Requirements for the Classification of High Schools and Regulations for Junior High Schools in West Virginia
Infant Mortality in Pittsburgh An Analysis of Records for 1920 with Six Charts
Odes and Hymns
Revised and Enlarged Copy of Lancaster - Old and New An Address Delivered Before the Lancaster Board of Trade January 9 1902
Love Letters of a Norman Princess
To the Catholics of England
War Secession Taught at West Point? Read at the Meeting May 5 1909 Volume 1
Organization of Camps in the United Confederate Veterans Prepared Expressly for the Use of Delegates to the Twentieth Reunion and Meeting of the Association Held at Mobile Alabama April 26 27 28 1910
On Confession and Absolution A Pastoral Letter to the Clergy and Laity of the Diocese of Lincoln Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Address of Gov Gilbert C Walker
Representative San Antonians City Builders
Use of the Army in Louisiana
Canterbury New Hampshire Annual Report Volume 1881
Investigations of Rusts
Speech of Hon John M Read in Favor of Free Kansas Free White Labor and of Fremont and Dayton At the Eighth Ward Mass Meeting Held in the Assembly Buildings on Tuesday Evening September 30 1856
England a Destroyer of Nations
Origin of the Name of Maine
A Thanksgiving Sermon Preached Before the Thirty-Ninth OV USA at Camp Todd Macon Missouri Nov 28 1861 And a Sketch of the Regiment
Territorial Growth of the United States Our Title to Oregon
Address of Benjamin Hallowell
Union - Slavery - Secession
General Report of the Operations of the Marine Survey of India
A View of Exertions Lately Made for the Purpose of Colonizing the Free People of Colour in the United States in Africa or Elsewhere
Her First Scoop a Comedy in One Act
The Story of Utah
Africa Given to Christ A Sermon Preached Before the Vermont Colonization Society at Montpelier Oct 20 1830 Volume 2
The Poets Sermon in Verse the Beginning of the World Is Here
A Few Pages on Hydropathy or the Cold Water System
A Ride Through Kansas
The Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution Observance of the One Hundred and Twenty-Third Anniversary of the Evacuation of Philadelphia by the British Army Fort Washington and the Encampment of White Marsh November 2 1777 an Address Delivere
A McKinley Romance
The New Administration A Brief Sketch of President Woodrow Wilson Vice-President Thomas Riley Marshall the Cabinet and the Speaker of the House Volume 2
The Lee Mansion What It Was and What It Is Volume 2
Robert Burns and Address Delivered in Tremont Temple by Hon George F Hoar on March 28 1901 Before the Burns Memorial Association of Boston
The Liverpool Waterworks
The Dove Uncaged
Leedle Yawcob Strauss
The Fight for the Union a Poem
The Nautilus Volume 11
Explanations to Accompany Sheets 7-81420 Issue 20
Letter from George W Campbell Esq Late Secretary of the Treasury to the Chairman of the Committee Appointed to Inquire Into the Causes and Particulars of the Invasion of the City of Washington and the Neighboring Town of Alexandria in the Month of
A Letter on the Present Neglect of the Lords Day Addressed to the Inhabitants of London and Westminster
An Address on the Influence of the Federative Republican System of Government Upon Literature and the Development of Character Volume 211
Ad------L M------Wss Conduct in the Late Engagement Vindicated Wherein the Whole Affair Is Compendiously Stated the Several Pieces Published by Mr L-----K Examined with Candor by a Gentleman of the Royal Navy
A Letter to Lord North on His Re-Election Into the House of Commons by a Member of the Late Parliament
Dogmatic Religion A Lecture Delivered in Great S Marys Church Cambridge on Sunday Oct 25th 1885 Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Addresses Delivered by the Rt REV Dr Charles Gore and Mr George Wharton Pepper at a Luncheon Given in Honor of the Rt REV Dr Charles Gore at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Philadelphia Thursday October Thirty-First Ninteen Eighteen Joseph Widener
Historic Periods of Fredericksburg 1608-1861
Land Bonds Indenture of Mortgage The Company to the Hon George Eulas Foster the Hon John Joseph Caldwell Abbott and Richard Bladworth Angus Trustees 3093700 2nd June 1888
Remarks of Mr McMurray of New-York in the Assembly in Committee of the Whole Jan 30 and Feb 1 1843 on the Governors Message
Observationes Theologicae in Paroemiam Die Argsten Studenten Werden Die Fromsten Prediger
Outlines of the History and Government of the United States
Weekly Coal Production December 24 1985
The Hand of God with the Black Race A Discourse Delivered Before the Pennsylvania Colonization Society
Scrapbooks of Mounted Views Portraits Etc Relating to Europe and Egypt 1891-1894 Volume V4
Scrapbooks of Mounted Views Portraits Etc Relating to Europe and Egypt 1891-1894 Volume V45
Annual Report Volume 1904
A Letter to Lord Cathcart President of the Board of Police in Scotland Concerning the Recovery of Persons Drowned and Seemingly Dead
Reflections Upon the Occurrences of the Last Year from 5 Nov 1688 to 5 Nov 1689
Descriptions of Thirty-One New Species of Hymenoptera
Naval History Civil War 1861-65 Pamphlet Collection PT2] Part 2
Law and Conscience Or the Duty of Dissenters on Church Taxes Remarks Opposed to Recent Advice in the Eclectic Review in an Article Entitled Sir Robert Peel
Commentatio Historico-Theologica Qua Abusus Quidam Eucharistici Ex Antiquis Monumentis Bona Fide Excerpti Variis Observationibus Selectis Illustrantur
A Sermon Preached Before the Trustees of the Charity Schools at the Cathedral Church of Exeter Oct 13 1741 By Alured Clarke
A Sketch of the Social Organization of the Nass River Indians
Three New Genera of Inquiline Ants from Utah and Colorado
Celebration of the Treaty of Ghent Volume 2
Poetical Addresses of Geo Alfred Townsend
A Sermon Preached in Boston July 23 1812 the Day of the Publick Fast Appointed by the Executive of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in Consequence of the Declaration of War Against Great Britain
The Pathway to Peace and Profit Or Truth in Its Plain Dress
The Confiscated Estates of Boston Loyalists
A Sermon Preached in Old Lyme On the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of His Pastorate July 1 1866
Address Delivered at the Dedication of the Cenotaph Erected in Memory of the Former Pupils of Nazareth Hall Who Fell in the War of the Rebellion
The Ballad History of the Reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII
The Relation of Inference to Fact in Mills Logic Issues 1-5
The Water Hyacinth and Its Relation to Navigation in Florida
A Sketch of Barbara Fritchie Whittiers Heroine Including Points of Interest in Frederick Maryland
The Recantation of Mr Pollet a Roman Priest [A Sermon by M Davies]
State Street a Satire
A Sketch of the Life and Public Services of William Henry Harrison
Beautiful Suburban Towns
The Moral Mission of Our Country Two Discourses Delivered Before the Unitarian Christians of Charleston SC on Sunday July 3D 1853
The Review of the Revolutionary Elements of the Rebellion and of the Aspect of Reconstruction
Mrs Baggs Bargain Day A Comedy in Two Acts
Patriotism and Peace How to Teach Them in Schools
The New National Reading Books Infant Reader Standard I
Lafayette Stanhope Prize Essay 1871
Unit Requirements for Producing Milk in Western Washington
Proceedings at the Annual Dinner Volume 1
Register of the Commandery of the State of Kansas to December 1 1899
Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati Institution By-Laws
Resolutions Adopted by the Commandery November 2 1904
Q A Farce in One Act
Perseverance in Study the Only Way to the Attainment of Knowledge
the Bible Gives No Sanction to Slavery
Territorial Policy Speech of Hon George E Pugh of Ohio in Reply to Messrs Iverson and Green in the Senate of the United States Wednesday January 11 L860
The Finished Web a Novel
The Lesson of the Hour Lecture of Wendell Phillips Delivered at Brooklyn NY Tuesday Evening November 1 1859 Volume 2
Report of the Agricultural Committee on the Needs of the College of Agriculture of the University of Illinois
Historical Localities in Northampton
State of the Union Speech of the Hon Sidney Edgerton of Ohio Delivered in the House of Representatives January 31 1861 Volume 1
Interest and Duty of Colored Citizens in the Presidential Election Letter to Colored Citizens
In Memoriam William Hayne Perry Born June 9th 1839 Died July 7th 1902
How She Felt in Her First Corset and Other Poems
To My Brothers in Black and Other Poems
Poems and Songs
Songs of Montana and Other Verse
Hearings Before Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations in Charge of Deficiency
Oration of Hon Charles H Bartlett of Manchester NH at the Dedication of the Soldiers Monument at Amherst NH June 19 1890
Proceedings of Meeting in Memory of Theodore Roosevelt Metropolitan Opera House Philadelphia Sunday February 9 1919
The Spirit of Woman in Bohemia
The American Ideal
Festival of Days
Hearts of Gold A Drama
The Effect of War on the Operation of Statutes of Limitation
Letter to a Friend Concerning the Building of the Capitol in the City of Washington
Song of the Pines and Other Poems
The Three Day Negro Yesterday Today Tomorrow
The Commander-In-Chief A Defence Upon Legal Grounds of the Proclamation of Emancipation And an Answer to Ex-Judge Curtis Pamphlet Entitled Executive Power
Report of the Committee Appointed to Take Into Consideration the Condition of Western Texas
The Two Professors
The Protection of Game in Tennessee
The Old Mission Church of Mackinac Island an Historical Discourse Delivered at the Reopening July 28th 1895
Busy Work a Manual for Primary Teachers
The Mineral Industry of the British Empire and Foreign Countries Volume 5
A List of Revolutionary Soldiers of Berwick
Conspiracy Disclosed!! Kansas Affairs Read! Read!! Read!!!
Proceedings of the Liberty and Union Convention
In the Enemys Camp
Poverty and Patriotism of the Neutral Grounds A Paper Read Before the Westchester County Historical Society Upon the One Hundred and Twenty-Third Anniversary of the Battle of White Plains
Speech of the Hon Lemuel E Quigg as Temporary Chairman of the Republican State Convention of New York at Saratoga September 23d 1902
To What Purpose Is This Waste? Address Delivered Before the Loyal Leagues of South-Brunswick and Monroe June 1 1865
Fables and Symbols Truth and Humor for Old and Young
Colorado State Forestry Association Organized November 19th 1884
From Ancient Egypt to Potsdam
Spanish Colonial Municipalities
Reminiscences of Georgetown DC A Lecture Delivered in the Methodist Protestant Church Georgetown DC January 20 1859
History of Clay and the Clay Hotel
Railway Accounting Under Federal Requirements
Check List of the Plants of Kansas Showing All Locations and Finders of Every Plant in the State So Far as Known or Reported 1789 Flowering Plants and 164 Ferns and Mosses
A Chronological List of the Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson With Some Few Items of Tennysoniana and a Series of Portraits of the Poet Laureate Exhibited at the Grolier Club November 5-20 1897
The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 183 N22
Cheaper Money for Agricultural Development in Saskatchewan Speech Delivered by the Honourable Walter Scott in the Legislative Assembly and a Paper on European Systems of Co-Operative Agricultural Credit Read Before the Standing Committee on Agricul
The War And the Duty of a Loyal People a Sermon Preached in the Mathewson Street Methodist Episcopal Church Providence R I July 27 1862
Combination Not Competition of Railroads
Edith Merton and Her Mother Or Never Grow Weary
Alumni Report Volume 38 N7
The First Deslandres Group of the Positive Band Spectrum of Nitrogen Under High Dispersion
Alumni Report Volume 39 N6
The Charter and Revised Statutes Relating to the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Also the Constitution and By-Laws of the Society
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 6 N7
Monsignor Parisis on Catholic Journalism
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 2 N3
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 4 N6
P-I-L-A-T-E-S Instructor Manual Cadillac Levels 1 and 2
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Volume 10 N6
Camera Does the Rest How Polaroid Changed Photography
Unrepressed Unconscious Implicit Memory and Clinical Work
OCR A Level Salters Advanced Chemistry Revision Guide
International Investment Law Reconciling Policy and Principle
Grow Your Own Cut Flowers
Concerning the Nations Essays on the Oracles Against the Nations in Isaiah Jeremiah and Ezekiel
The Dark Valley
Creating Capacity for Learning and Equity in Schools Instructional Adaptive and Transformational Leadership
Selections from the Restatement (Second) and Uniform Commercial Code for First-Year Contracts Statutory Supplement 2016 Edition
P-I-L-A-T-E-S Core Stability Ball Instructor Manual Levels 1 - 5
Edinburgh Diary 1793 1798
The M3 Grease Gun
Building Colonialism Archaeology and Urban Space in East Africa
Heartland Farm-Forward Dishes from the Great Midwest
English for the IB MYP 4 5
Jutland The Naval Staff Appreciation
p-i-l-a-t-e-s Instructor Manual Mat Work Level 2
F4U Corsair vs Ki-84 Frank Pacific Theater 1945
Abolition of the Vice-Royalty of Ireland A Letter to the Right Honourable Sir James RG Graham on the Best Method of Giving Effect to That Measure
The Affecting Case of the Unfortunate Thomas Daniels Who Was Tried at the Sessions Held at the Old Bailey September 1761 for the Supposed Murder of His Wife
The Harvard Commission on Western History Charles Elliott Perkins Foundation
Addresses Delivered at the Presentation of the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln
The Vanishing Minority of the Loyal Legion with a Brief Sketch of the Order
My Immortality and Other Poems
The Caverns of Luray Page County Va
Dissolution of the Union
A Bankers Will a Tribute to Fifty-Nine Years Conservative Administration of the Largest Accumulation of Trust Funds in the World
Is It Profitable to Teach Psychology and Pedagogy to Third Grade Rural School Teachers?
A Study of the Quaker Ideal
The Preludes of Harpers Ferry
Historical Memoir of the Springfield Cemetery Read to the Proprietors at Their Meeting May 23 1857
Of the Inheritance of English Literature An Address Delivered Before the Miami Chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi Society on the Evening of August 11 1846
The Life and Services of Andrew G Curtin an Address by A K McClure Delivered in the House of Representatives at Harrisburg Pa January 20 1895
The Testimony of the Holy Spirit to the Bible
The Nature and Other of the Royal Institution of Great Britain for the Promotion Diffusion and Extension of Science and of Useful Knowledge
Catholic Unity and the Relation of National Churches to the Church Universal An Address Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Yale Literary Magazine Volume 45 Issue 5
The Triple Wedding a Drama in Three Acts
A Memorial Sermon on the Death of General Ulysses S Grant
Our Ancient Landmarks
Library Laws of the State of Washington
Victory Turned Into Mourning a Discourse on Occasion of the Death of Abraham Lincoln Preached at Castine
Necrology of the American Antiquarian Society
Description and Treatment of Scabies in Cattle
Simmers Annual Autumn Catalogue of Bulbs Plants Seeds Etc
Annual Report of the Town of Bow New Hampshire Volume 1902
Rules and Regulations Governing Travelling Libraries
Broken Chains
Matthew Stanley Quay In Memoriam Address Delivered Before the Grand Army of the Republic Beaver Post No 473 March 31 1905
Minority Report of the Committee on Internal Improvements on the Subject of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
Reply to Professor Hodge on the State of the Country
Revision of the English Bible
A Discourse Delivered at an Evening Lecture in the South Meetinghouse in Portsmouth NH 21 July 1805 It Being the Evening Succeeding the Session of an Ecclesiastical Council Convened Respecting the Separation of the Reverend Timothy Alden Junior
Speech of Hon J S Green of Missouri
A Sermon Preached Before the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America By Appointment of Their Standing Committee of Missions May 19 1806 Published at Their Request
The Voice of the Rod A Sermon Preached on Thursday June 1 1865 in the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church Washington DC
Narrative Report of the Town Officers of Amherst New Hampshire Volume 1879
Save Our Birds and Game
Narrative Report of the Town Officers of Amherst New Hampshire Volume 1885
Reasons Why the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America Should Be United Reply to Protest A Significant Correspondence Concurring Opinions Separation of the Races What We Adopt Legality of Union Un
Platform of the American Anti-Slavery Society and Its Auxiliaries Volume 5
Ancient and Modern Windsor
The Loyalists of Tennessee in the Late War A Paper Read Before the Ohio Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States April 6 1887
English Literature William Caxton
Married to a Suffragette
The Fugitive Slave Bill Its History and Constitutionality With an Account of the Seizure and Enslavement of James Hamlet and His Subsequent Restoration of Liberty
Canterbury New Hampshire Annual Report Volume 1914
Town of Belmont New Hampshire Annual Report Volume 1865
Two Letters of the Reverend and Learned William Chillingworth MA of the University of Oxford
Russia Relief Hearings on HR 9459 and 9548 Dec 13 and 14 1921 1921
Book of Songs
Diary of a Southern Tour in Midwinter
Brown Alumni Monthly Volume Vol 2 No 3
An Address Delivered by Wm W Morrow at the Grand Opera House on the Occasion of the Opening of the Sixteenth Industrial Exhibition Held Under the Auspices of the Mechanics Institute of San Francisco August 2D 1881
Second Childhood A Farce in One Act
Raising P V Squabs for Profit
Complete Instructions
Rules and Orders for the Regulation and Government of the House of Delegates Volume 1846
The Pond An Idyl of Boyhood
The Yerkes Bill Answer of the Chicago Committee of One Hundred
Composition of Dr S S Green
Canterbury New Hampshire Annual Report Volume 1906
Sunset Songs
A Discourse Touching the Inconveniencies of a Long Continued Parliament And the Judgement of the Law of the Land in That Behalfe
Treason and Loyalty
Report of the Governor of Arizona Made to the Secretary of the Interior for the Year
The Near-Eastern Problem and the Pan-German Peril
Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication Issue 12
The Fair Persian An Eastern Tale in Two Cantos with Notes
Nurse Dandlems Little Repository of Great Instruction for All Who Would Be Good and Noble Containing Among Other Interesting Particulars the Surprising Adventures of Little Wake Wilful and His Happy Deliverance from Giant Grumbolumbo
John M Synge A Few Personal Recollections with Biographical Notes
Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Great Britain and the Museum of Economic Geology in London Volume 48
Monographs on Education in the United States Volume 7
Josiah Quincy the Great Mayor an Address Delivered Before the Massachusetts Society for Promoting Good Citizenship at the Old South Meeting-House Boston Feb 25 1889
The Life and Public Services of John Sherman
Lake Commerce Letter to the Hon Robert MClelland in Relation to the Value and Importance of the Commerce of the Great Western Lakes
Washington Water Supply Outlook January 1987
Monographs on Education in the United States Volume 5
Speech of Hon George F Hoar of Massachusetts December 22 1898 at the Banquet of the New England Society of Charleston South Carolina
Swedenborgianism Depicted in Its True Colours
Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication Issue 46
Monographs on Education in the United States Volume 18
Monographs on Education in the United States Volume 19
The Connection of the Universities and the Great Towns
An Attempt to Identify the Arms Formerly Existing in the Windows of the Parish Church
Religious Forces and Other Activities in the History of Vineland NJ
Major General Charles Devens Justice of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts An Address Delivered Before the Commandery of the State of Massachusetts Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States March 19 1891
A Short History of the Soke of Spaldwick
Chemical Analysis and Composition of Imported Honey from Cuba Mexico and Haiti
Five New Poems
Non-Governmental Society
Centennial Celebration at Damariscotta and Newcastle
Pinsker and Political Zionism
The Hanukkah Festival Outline of Lessons for Teachers
The State of the Church of England Laid Open in a Conference Between Diotrephes a Bishop Tertullus a Papist Demetrius a Usurer Pandochus an Innkeeper and Paul a Preacher of the Word of God April 1588
The Educational Labors of Henry Barnard A Study in the History of American Pedagogy
Second Address to the People of Maryland
Spring in New Hampshire and Other Poems
The Avestan Alphabet and Its Transcription
The Registration of Illegitimate Births A Preventive of Infant Mortality
Wyoming as an Agricultural State Address on the Reclamationof the Arid Lands Before the Cheyenne Ch
Address to the Survivors Association of the 150th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers
An Address at the Unveiling of the Monument
Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Roger Williams University Nashville Tenn
Sweet by and by
The Gothenburg Licensing System and Its Proposed Adaptation to Scotland by the Spirituous Liquors
Goethe Und Kein Ende Rede
The Wanderer and Other Poems
Winnipesaukee And Other Poems
Henry Kemble Oliver
Practical Municipal Accounting A Brief Description and Summary of the Uniform System of Accounts in
Commonwealth or Empire
Fortifications Appropriation Bill Hearing Before the Subcommittee of the
Speech on the Motion for the Second Reading of the Reform Bill
A Letter to the Honourable James Abercromby MP
The Chronothanatoletron Or Old Times Made New
The Earliest Dublin Printing
Memorial Day Address
An Authentic Candid and Circumstantial Narrative of the Astonishing Transactions at Stockwell Surry the 6th and 7th of January 1772
An Odious Comparison
The Buttermilk Hollow Surprise Party
Lloyd George A Man of the People
Joe Simpsons Double a Sketch in One Act
The Mechanical Processes of the Historian
A Historic Region
Opinion of Hon Garrett Davis of Kentucky Filed Under the Order of the Senate Sitting as a Court of Impeachment for the Trial of Andrew Johnson President of the United States
Victory Sure A Discourse Delivered Before the Palestine Missionary Society June 15 1859
American Life-Waste Where and How It Is Increasing
The Youthful Franklin An Address Delivered at the Unveiling of a Statue to Benjamin Franklin at the University of Pennsylvania on June 16 1914
The Southern Negro as He Is
A Tribute to the Memory of James Arnold
Memorials of Deceased Friends of New-England Yearly Meeting
The Seven Words from the Cross a Lenten Exercise [In Verse]
A Geometrical Vector Algebra
A Report on Object Teaching Made at the Meeting of the National Teachers Association Held at Harrisburg Pennsylvania August 1865
Views in the White Mountains
Review of the Resolutions of the Brigg Local Preachers Meeting in Reference to the Wesleyan Conference in a Letter to H Jackson
Nights at the Opera Bizets Carmen
A Sermon Upon Occasion of the Death of Our Late Sovereign King William
Kayest Muktavali
The Stick-Up A Rough-Neck Fantasy
Tolerances and Specifications for Commercial Weighing and Measuriing Apparatus
Fits of Folly Or Aberrations of a Philosopher
The Laws of Hybridizing Discovered by Richard Diener
The Scriptural Reason Why the Rebellion Has Not Been Suppressed A Sermon Preached
Administration of Abraham Lincoln
There Is a Faith Due to the People as Well as to the Holders of Public Securities
Decline of American Shipping Its Causes and Remedy
Ueber Provenzalische Bearbeitungen Der Kindheit Jesu
Diss Inaug Med de Religione Medici
Epitome of Percussion and Auscultation And the Physical Diagnosis of Affections of the Lungs and Heart With a Summary of the Regions of the Chest and Abdomen as Related to Physical Diagnosis
Frost in the United States
Sketch of Dunbarton New Hampshire [Electronic Resource]
A Catechism of Health for the Use of Schools and Young Persons
The Statutes of Dickinson College
The Life-Work of Theodore Parker A Discourse Preached at the ME Church Warren Street Roxbury June 10 and Repeated Before the Literary Societies of the Methodist General Biblical Institute Concord NH June 13 1860
The German Element in Maryland Up to the Year 1700
Address by Hon George B Loring and Report of Col Daniel Needham
A Discourse Delivered in Stoneham (Mass) April 8 1813 Being the Day of the State Fast
The History of a Postage Stamp
Fourmis Du Musee de Bruxelles Fourmis de Benguela Recoltees Par M Creighton Wellman Et Fourmis Du Congo Recoltees Par MM Luja Kohl Et Laurent
Some Double Halogen Salts of Tellurium with the Alkaloids
The Picnic and Other Verses
The Preventable Causes of Disease Injury and Death in American Manufactories and Workshops and the Best Means and Appliances for Preventing and Avoiding Them
Address Before the Massachusetts Society for the Suppression of Intemperance Delivered May 27 1833
The Bride and the Burglar
The Study of Politics in Unity Clubs and Classes
The Defection Farther Considerd Wherein the Resigners Are Really Dissenters
The Practice of Justice Our Only Security for the Futune
Westfield Pure Food List from 19th Annual Report and Appended Additions Board of Health of the Town of Westfield
Memoir of John Langdon Sibley
The Effect of Manganese Compounds on Soils and Plants
An Address Delivered at Norfolk Juvenile Lyceum
The White Wolf
The Seven Seals Opened
Success in the Medical Profession An Introductory Lecture Delivered at the Massachusetts Medical College November 6th 1850
Little Rhymes of Childhood
An Outline of the General Regulations and Methods of Teaching in the Male National Model Schools
Occasional Papers of the California Academy of Sciences Volume No 91 1972
Debates Relative to the Affairs of Ireland In the Years 1763 and 1764 Volume 2
Historical Sketch of the Missions of the American Board in Africa
Hearings Before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce of the House
Message from the President of the United States Transmitting Communications from the Plenipotentiaries of the United States Charged with Negotiating Peace with Great Britain Showing the Conditions on Which Alone That Government Is Willing to Put an End
Speech of C M Clay Before the Young Mens Republican Central Union of New York in the Tabernacle October 24th 1856
Memorandum and Anecdotes of the Civil War 1862 - 1865
Hearings Before the Committee on Expenditures on Public Buildings of the House of Representatives March 30 1908
In the Heart of the Meadow and Other Poems
The Description and Use of a New Portable Orrery On a Most Simple Construction Representing in Two Parts the Motions and Phaenomena of the Planetary Systems to Which Is Prefixed a Short Account of the Solar System or the True System of the World
Note Alla Domanda Pel Reparto Dei Consiglieri Avanzata Dagli Abitanti del Ponte Buggianese Allon Deputazione Provinciale Di Lucca
Technocracy Social Universals
Lake Commerce Letter to the Hon Robert MClelland Chairman of the Committee on Commerce in the US House of Representatives in Relation to the Value and Importance of the Commerce on the Great Western Lakes
An Address Delivered at the Consecration of the Harmony Grove Cemetery in Salem June 14 1840
Obituary Addresses Delivered on the Occasion of the Death of the Hon John C Calhoun a Senator of South Carolina in the Senate of the United States April 1 1850 with the Funeral Sermon of the REV CM Butler DD Chaplain of the Senate Preached
List of Foreign Correspondents of the Smithsonian Institution Corrected to January 1862
Memorial Proceedings on Occasion of the Death of Hon William McKinley Volume 1
Not So Bad After All An Original Comedy in Three Acts
I Autocatalytic Decomposition of Silver Oxide II Hydration in Solution
The Truth about Mushrooms
The Parsons Greetings
Speech of Mr Van Buren of New York Delivered in the Senate of the United States on the Mission to Panama March 1826
Armstrong and World Freedom
The Miracles of Prayer A Sermon Preached Before the University in the Cathedral Church of Christ in Oxford on Septuagesima Sunday 1866
Book of Designs
The System of Late Hours in Business Its Evils Its Causes and Its Cure
The Identification of True Mahogany Certain So-Called Mahoganies and Some Common Substitutes
Speech of the Hon John Minor Botts Delivered on the Occasion of a Complementary Dinner at Newark N J on the 19th of September 1853
Address Delivered Before the Citizens of North-Yarmouth on the Anniversary of American Independence July 4 1825
Oregon Pioneers
The High School Course in Agriculture
The Origin and Growth of Civil Liberty in Maryland
Odd Moments
Isochronism of Balance-Springs
Down Petticoat Lane
Funeral Address Delivered at the Burial of President Lincoln at Springfield Illinois May 4 1865
The Land of Forgetfulness
The University of Virginia Jefferson Its Father and His Political Philosophy An Address Delivered Upon the Occasion of the Dedication of the New Buildings of the University June 14 1898
An Oration Delivered Before the Municipal Authorities of the City of Boston at the Celebration of the Seventy-Eighth Anniversary of American Independence July 4 1854
The Birth and Death of Nations Volume 2
Souvenir of the Leland Stanford Junior University And Description of Palo Alto the University Town
Bulletin of the Free Library of Philadelphia Issue 7
Address at the Commencement of the Medical School of Harvard University March 11 1868
Metropolitan University Remarks on the Ministerial Plan of a Central [London] University Examining Board
Variations on a Theme
Naval Base on San Francisco Bay Hearing Feb 20 1918
Bibliography of the Tannoids
The Domestic Calendar An Arrangement of the Holy Scriptures for Family Worship by a Layman [Signing Himself JH]
On the Effects of Pruning Certain Coniferous Trees and Shrubs
A Description of Christianity Criticised Being a Paper by the Late Rt Hon the Lord ONeill Read at the Annual Meeting of the Victoria Institute 25 June 1883 by the Lord Bishop of Derry Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Territory of Papua
Evidence Given Before the Senate Committee on Immigration and Labour 6th May 1914
Earlys Attack Upon Washington July 1864
Angelsachsische Sprache Das Fundament Der Englischen ALS Gegenschrift Zu Die Das Fundament Der Englischen Sprache Ihr Ursprung Aus Der Scandinavischen Sprache Und Nicht Aus Dem Anglo-Sachsischen Von [T] Smith
Hints Towards Peace in Ceremonial Matters Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
A Plea for the West A Sermon Preached Before the Missionary Society of the Synod of South-Carolina Georgia in Augusta November 21 1824
Re-Organization of Florida an Address Delivered Before a Meeting of the Citizens of Nassau County Florida at Kings Ferry on St Marys River on Saturday July 22 1865
Nelson a Flaming Fire A Sermon Preached by the Right REV the Lord Bishop of Stepney at the Nelson Centennial Service in St Pauls Cathedral on Sunday Afternoon October 22nd
The Drunkard A Poem
Finding List of English Prose Fiction Including Juvenile Fiction in the Library of School District Issue 1
Are We a Nation? Address of Hon Charles Sumner Before the New York Young Mens Republican Union at the Cooper Institute Tuesday Evening Nov 19 1867
Denominationalists and Secularists Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
Abraham Lincoln an Address Delivered Before R E Lee Camp No 1 Confederate Veterans at Richmond Va on 0ctober 29th L909
A Letter to Wm Howard Russell LLD on Passages in His Diary North and South
Speech of Mr R Johnson of Maryland on the Ten Regiment Bill
Minnesota Its Advantages to Settlers 1868 Being a Brief Synopsis of Its History and Progress Climate Soil Agricultural and Manufacturing Facilities Commercial Capacities and Social Status Its Lakes Rivers and Railroads Homestead and Exemption
If I Were a College Student
An Address on Scholarly Workers
Plea for the American Colonization Society A Sermon Preached in St Georges Church New-York on Sunday July 9 1826
Ralph Waldo Emerson A Memorial Address Delivered on Sunday Evening April 30th 1882
The Wars of the Gulls An Historical Romance in Three Chapters Chap I Shewing How and Why and with Whom the Gulls Went to War Chap II Shewing How the Gulls Make the Deep to Boil Like a Pot Chap III Shewing How a Certain Doughty General of the G
The Education of Girls A Public Lecture Delivered at the Charlotte Square Institution on 30 January 1889
Historical Sermon
The Christian Churchs Duty to the Freedmen A Sermon Preached on Thanksgiving Day December 7 1865 in Christ Church Reading Pa
Letter to the President and People of the United States Showing That the President Cannot Lawfully Execute an Unconstitutional Law and That the So-Called Reconstruction Acts Are Both Unconstitutional and Repugnant to the Republican Partys Original Hig
A Short Account of the People Called Quakers [Electronic Resource] Their Rise Religious Principles and Settlement in America Mostly Collected from Different Authors for the Information of All Serious Inquirers Particularly Foreigners
A Sermon on the Duty of Citizens with Respect to the Fugitive Slave Law
Free Trade in Money or Note-Shaving the Great Cause of Fraud Poverty and Ruin
An Argument for an Eight-Hour Law
An Oration Delivered Before the Washington Benevolent Society of Massachusetts of the Thirtieth Day of April 1812
The Officers and Members of the Plymouth Society of Keokuk With the Oration and Poem Delivered at the Celebration of Forefathers Day December 22nd 1858
An Oration Pronounced at the Request of the Charlestown Light Infantry Before the Republican Citizens of Charlestown on the Anniversary of American Independence July 4 1805
On a Collection of Heterocera Made in the Transvaal
A Few Remarks by Way of Reply to an Anonymous Scribbler Calling Himself a Philanthropist Disabusing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints of the Slanders and Falsehoods Which He Has Attempted to Fasten Upon I
On the Universality of the Hom Opathic Law of Cure Part 2
Speech of Mr Rayner of North Carolina on the Question of the Reception of Abolition Petitions Delivered in the House of Representatives of the U States on Tuesday June 15 1841 Volume 1
The Battle of Fort Sumter The First Shots of the American Civil War
States of Trial Manhood in Philip Roths Post-War America
The Concept of the State in International Relations Philosophy Sovereignty and Cosmopolitanism
The Oxford Handbook of Martin Luthers Theology
Hellenistic Tragedy Texts Translations and a Critical Survey
The Wod Handbook (2nd Edition)
Theorising Integration and Assimilation
Mark Manuscripts and Monotheism Essays in Honor of Larry W Hurtado
Reading the Renaissance Culture Poetics and Drama
The Economic Effort of War
Towards Full Employment A Policy Appraisal
The Making of English Popular Culture
Reformed Orthodoxy in Scotland Essays on Scottish Theology 1560-1775
Exchange Rate Efficiency and the Behaviour of International Asset Markets
William Holman Hunt and Typological Symbolism
Gameworlds Virtual Media and Childrens Everyday Play
Accounting for Ethnic and Racial Diversity The Challenge of Enumeration
Deeper than Oblivion Trauma and Memory in Israeli Cinema
Revelations Hymns Commentary on the Cosmic Conflict
Red Kant Aesthetics Marxism and the Third Critique
Poitier Revisited Reconsidering a Black Icon in the Obama Age
Fighting Discrimination in Europe The Case for a Race-Conscious Approach
Zechariah and His Visions An Exegetical Study of Zechariahs Vision Report
Irish Ness is All Around Us Language Revivalism and the Culture of Ethnic Identity in Northern Ireland
A Show of Hands an Original Dramatic Sketch
The Distribution of Armour in Ships of War Being the Substance of 2 Lectures
Communication from the Governor and Report of the Commission Appointed by the President to Determine and Ascertain the Quota of This State Under the Different Calls for Troops
An Account of the Interviews Which Took Place on the Fourth and Eighth of March Between a Committee of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society and the Committee of the Legislature Volume 2
The Journal of Speculative Philosophy Volume 14
Brown Alumni Monthly Volume Vol 1 No 4
Communication from the Treasurer of the Western Shore Embracing a Correspondence with Messrs Baring
A Sermon Preached in the First Congregational Meeting-House Lexington Mass Sunday Evening April 8 1883 [A Memorial of William Harris and Maria Hastings Cary]
The Black Rose and Other Poems
An Heroic PostScript to the Public Occasioned by Their Favourable Reception of a Late Heroic Epistle to Sir William Chambers Knt C
A Gentle Touch
An Address Delivered Before the Alumni Association of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Medical Department of Columbia College New York at the Spring Commencement March 10 1864
On the Threshold (a Hillside Sketch
The Use of the Gasoline Torch in Fighting Insects and Fungi
Ireland and Poland a Comparison
A Foreword to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
His Soul
Journal of the Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of North-Carolina [Serial] Volume 8th(1824)
The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions
Our Minor Naval Wars
A Key to Open Heaven-Gate Or a Ready Path to Lead to Heaven
The Centenary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln 1809-1909 Program of Exercises in Commemoration of That Event
Sermon in Memorial of REV EA Washburn Part 4
The Part Taken by the Catholics in the American Revolution
The Chateau de Rochambeau
Notes on the Bridgewater House Library
The Call of Sorrow A Poem of Destiny
A Reply to Mr Charles Ingersolls Letter to a Friend in a Slave State Volume 1
The Poets Memories and Poems of Inspiration
A Short Easy and Effectual Method to Prevent the Running of Wool C from Great-Britain and Ireland to Foreign Parts Humbly Submitted to the Consideration of Parliament
The Voices A Play in One Act
Six Statesmen of the American Revolution
The Rural School Exhibit of Oregon Standard Rural Schools Industrial Clubs Playgrounds
Letter to Ministers and Elders on the Sin of Holding Slaves and the Duty of Immediate Emancipation
Montana Livestock Sanitary Laws and Regulations of the State Livestock Sanitary Board
Rules and Forms Bankruptcy in the Distric Court of the United States District of Massachusetts January 28 1942
The Bachelors Christmas
The Utica Convention
A Vindication of General Samuel Holden Parsons Against the Charge of Treasonable Correspondence During the Revolutionary War
An Account of the American Antiquarian Society
A Brown Paper Parcel
An Appendix to the Fourth Edition of the Anatomy of the Human Body to Which Are Added Some Observations Relative to an Erroneous Statement Made by J Douglass [C] from the Edinb Med and Surg Journal
Doctrinal Preaching An Address Delivered Before the Porter Rhetorical Society in the Theological Seminary Andover September 11 1832
Narrative Report of the Town Officers of Amherst New Hampshire Volume 1881
The Honest American Voters Little Catechism for 1880
The Great Creamery Secret Process
Report of a Preliminary Survey of the Camps of a Portion of Volunteer Forces Near Washington --
The First National Boot
The Speech of Hon Don P Halsey on the Bill to Provide a Statue of Robert Edward Lee to Be Placed in Statuary Hall in the Capitol at Washington D C Delivered in the Senate of Virginia Feby 6 1903
The Rummage Sale
Questions on the Acts of the Apostles 1882-1883
The Diptychs a Prelection
The Tree Planters of America a Potent Factor for the Reforestation of the United States and Extension of Practical Arboriculture by the American Farmer Boys
History of the Organization of the United Spanish War Veterans
Address of the Union State Central Committee of Pennsylvania
The Perfect Dressmaking System
The Elite Instruction Book
Annual Repor Volume 1911-12
An Address to the Inhabitants of the State of Delaware
The Effect of Civil War Upon the Rights of Persons and of Property
Protection of Freedmen Actual Condition of the Rebel States
A Book of Verse
The Prisoner of the Mill Or Captain Haywards Body Guard
The Conflict of Truth a Sermon Preached in the First Presbyterian Church Camden NJ April 30 1865 Volume 1
Central America and Transit Between the Oceans
The Triumph of Grace Or Recollections [By E Hay] of a Peaceful Deathbed [Sc That of WG Hay Earl of Erroll]
Allopathy and Homeopathy Before the Judgement of Common Sense
The Testing of Corn for Seed
The Direct Action of Environment and Evolution
Soils of the Eastern United States and Their Use-- XVII the Porters Loam and Porters Black Loam
Studies on Leopardi
Notes on the Constitutional Reconstruction of the Empire
Provenzalisches Geschlossenes E Heidelberg
On Farm Lands
Joseph Dixon One of the World-Makers
Le Bossu Tome II
Notes from the Art Section of a Library with Hints on Selection and Buying
Select List of References on the Budget of Foreign Countries
Testimony of the Authenticity of the Prophecies of Richard Brothers and of His Mission to Recall the Jews
The Charter and Bye-Laws of the Geological Society of London Instituted 1807 Incorporated 1826
Khaki Rimes a Book of Soldier Verse
The Coal Supply Being the Presidential Address of Sir WG Armstrong CB LLD DCL FRS C to the Members of the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers
Bulletin Volume 3 Issue 5
Digest of Comments on the Pharmacopia of the United States of America and on the National Formulary 1905-1922 Volume 1
Vicious Circles in Sociology and Their Treatment
The Mineral Waters of Vittel Grande Source and Source Salee Their Nature and Uses
A Brief History of the Last Three Pastorates of the First Parish in Dedham 1860-1888 A Sermon Preached November 11 1888
Moments Notice
The Table Talk of John Selden
The Library of Congress
Sojourner Truth Prophet of Social Justice
Punisher Max The Complete Collection Vol 2
Barrafina A Spanish Cookbook
Bread Cake Doughnut Pudding Sweet and Savoury Recipes from Britains Best Baker
Llewellyns Complete Book of Chakras Your Definitive Source of Energy Center Knowledge for Health Happiness and Spiritual Evolution
The Life of Louis XVI
Urban Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services A Responsive Approach to Communities
Transnational Crime and Criminal Justice
New Street Art
Effective Techniques to Motivate Mathematics Instruction
Kathe Kollwitz and the Women of War Femininity Identity and Art in Germany during World Wars I and II
The Sea-Fight An Elegiac Poem
China Since 1949
Mommy Whats That Number on Your Arm? A-6374
Early Childhood Playgrounds Planning an outside learning environment
A Critical Companion to Lynn Nottage
The Power of Line Linea III
Understanding Anorexia Nervosa in Males An Integrative Approach
Career Transitions for Librarians Proven Strategies for Moving to Another Type of Library
California Amphibian and Reptile Species of Special Concern
Second Language Learning and Language Teaching Fifth Edition
I Want to Be a Lion
Ghosts in the Consulting Room Echoes of Trauma in Psychoanalysis
History of the New-England Emigrant Aid Company With a Report on Its Future Operations
Vindex on the Liability of the Abolitionists to Criminal Punishment and on the Duty of the Non-Slave-Holding States to Suppress Their Efforts
National Thanksgiving Services Held on Thursday December 7 1865 in the Hall of the House of Representatives
What Is the Matter with the Elms in Illinois?
Sonnets Suggested by Paintings in the Collection of Eloise Lee and Frederic Fairchild Sherman
Speech Delivered by Hon John Sherman Secretary of the Treasury at Mansfield Ohio on August 17 1877
Proportions and Values in American History An Address Delivered Before the New York Historical Society on Its One Hundred and Second Anniversary Tuesday November 20 1906
Progressive Springfield Massachusetts
White House Portraits
Hospital Bulletin Volume 9 No12
Narrative Report of the Town Officers of Amherst New Hampshire Volume 1876
Constitution and By-Laws and List of Officers and Members
Officers Committees Membership Roll Publications 1 February 1906
History of the Gable Family
A Paper Upon California Read Before the Maryland Historical Society
Annual Reports Town of Bridgewater New Hampshire Volume 1902
Annual Reports of the Town of Auburn New Hampshire Volume 1895
Union and Slavery a Thanksgiving Sermon Delivered in the Presbyterian Church Clarksville Tennessee November 28th 1850
Some Aspects of Politics in the Middle West 1860-72
Soil Treatment for Wheat in Rotations with Special Reference to Southern Illinois Soils
Monument to Memory of William Campbell
Soil Treatment for Peaty Swamp Lands Including Reference to Sand and Alkali Soils
Hope for Our Country a Sermon Preached in the South Church Salem October 19 1862
Plea for a Missionary Brotherhood in India A Letter Addressed to the Regius Professor of Pastoral Theology in Oxford Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Oxford Handbook of Nietzsche
Choix de Testamens Anciens Et Modernes Remarquables Par Leur Importance Singulariti Tome 2
Dijon Histoire Et Tableau Des Temps Les Plus Reculis i lAssemblie Nationale Ligislative de 1849
Bond 11+ English Maths Non-verbal Reasoning Verbal Reasoning Assessment Papers 7-8 years Bundle
Universiti de Grenoble Faculti de Droit Les itats-Unis Et La Doctrine de Monroe Thise
Amusemens Philologiques Ou Variitis En Tous Genres 3e idition Revue Corrigie Et Augmentie
Bibliographie Des iditions de Simon de Colines 1520-1546
Traiti Des Testaments Codicilles Donations Cause de Mort Dispositions de Derniire Volonti Tome 2
Guide Pratique Du Jeune ilive En Pharmacie Contre-itiquettes Pharmaceutiques
Bond 11+ English Maths Non-verbal Reasoning Verbal Reasoning Assessment Papers 9-10 years Bundle
Society and Politics in Wilhelmine Germany
Ken To be destroyed
Monographie de lUnion Du Sud-Est Des Syndicats Agricoles
Robert Winthrop Chanler
Cahiers Des Paroisses Du Bailliage dAuxerre Pour Les itats-Giniraux de 1789 Texte Complet
Notices Sur La Nouvelle Nomenclature Des Rues de la Rochelle Par Plusieurs Citoyens de Cette Commune
Introduction i litude Comparative Des Langues Indo-Europiennes
The German Peasantry Conflict and Community in Rural Society from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Centuries
LOrdre Des Trinitaires Pour Le Rachat Des Captifs Tome 2
Coutumes Ginirales Et Locales Du Pais Et Duchi de Bourbonnois Tome 2
Report of the Commissioners Appointed by Authority of the City Council To Examine the Sources from Which a Supply of Pure Water May Be Obtained for the City of Boston
Catalogue of a Portion of a Gentlemans Library and the Duplicates of the Linnean Society Which Will Be Sold by Auction
Salesmanship and Co-Operation
Civic Art in Northern Europe A Report to the Art Commission of the City of New York October 12 1903
Two Sermons Preached in the Cathedral Church of Salisbury The First on the 5th of Nov the Second on the 7th of Nov 1710
The Niger A Prize Poem Recited in the Theatre Oxford June XII M DCCC L
Abraham Lincoln An Address Delivered Before the Lincoln Memorial Meeting of the Maldraugh District Medical Association Held at the Lincoln Farm Near Hodgensville La Rue County KY on the 7th Day of September 1916 Volume 2
Classification of Raw Silk by Mechanical Tests
Pontes [Elementary Latin Exercises by SA Donaldson and E Lyttelton]
List of Books in the National Art Library South Kensington Museum on Anatomy Human and Comparative
Notes on an Informal Talk on Book Illustrations Inside and Out Given Before the Boston Art Students Association Feb 14 1894
Report of Reconstruction Commission of Public Improvements Inprogress Not Started and Contemplated Cities April 14 1919
An Address Pronounced in the Representatives Hall Montpelier 24th October 1850 Before the Vermont Historical Society in the Presence of Both Houses of the General Assembly
Indian Summer A Comedy in One Act
How to Extend the Usefulness of Public Libraries A Plea for Uniformity
Abstract of Reports of the Condition of Montana State Banks Trust Companies and Private Banks Volume 1972-77
Apollo Anglicanus the English Apollo
State Finances
Address of John Dwyer
General William Henry Harrison Candidate of the People for President of the United States
An Essay on Malpractice Read by Appointment Before the Luzerne County Medical Society at Wilkes-Barre January 8th 1879

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